Hey There! Thank you so much for spending your precious time to read about my life and my travel journey. I am Sparsh Garg and I was born and brought up in Meerut. It’s a small city in North India.

Sparsh Garg


I completed my high school from Kasiga. It is a Boarding school located in the beautiful valley of Dehradun. 

Right now, I am studying Business Management at Northumbria University. And I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne: ‘Party capital of the Great Northeast’ UK.

I am so damn happy with my life. And for that, I can’t be any more grateful to my Mom. It’s impossible to imagine a guy from such a small town in India to move in the UK for higher education, but my mom had the vision.

Me and Mom

And…… Yayyyyyyyy I made it ✌️


In addition to the university work, I am a freelancing professional photographer, certified digital marketer, professional handwriting expert, mystery diner, product tester and entrepreneur of two existing businesses. 

Yeah…. I like to show off 😁😁

Above all that, I am a FOND TRAVELLER and a crazy ADRENALINE JUNKIE.

I realized my love for travelling when I was 7. We were on a trip to Singapore and that was my first international trip. Be it the flight to Singapore or the cruise to Malaysia, I enjoyed every minute of it.

(Pic in Singapore)

Like I said before, I am an Adrenaline junkie. I have done several adventure sports like ziplining, water rafting, bungee jumping, snorkelling, parasailing, paragliding etc. I have walked on the sea beds of Andaman and drove my quad bike in the deserts of Dubai. LIFE’S GREAT!

Quad Biking in Dubai

My family loves to travel too. In other words, travelling is kind of in my genes. I have travelled almost all of India. In fact, there are some places that I really liked and visited more than 3 times. So yeah, when I write about something, I write with my personal experience.

In addition to that, I have also done 2 successful treks in the Garhwal range of mountains, India. 


I have visited Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, Ireland and the USA. By the end of this year, I plan to visit Spain, Italy and France.

My recent trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland

Photography keeps me excited to explore the world. With music on and a charged camera, I don’t really need a travel companion after that. I have been on two solo travels so far and both were awesome. Trust me! It’s weird to travel alone in the beginning but once you adapt, it feels amazingggg.

After all my travel experiences, I have learnt the art of budget travelling. In other words, getting the most out of the money spent.

For me, the meaning of this phrase is:

Earn- Eat- Travel- Repeat

To conclude, I wish to travel the whole world and live my life with no limits.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my life and reading about me. If you have any questions regarding any of my travels or my life. Please send me an email 😊

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