Symphony of Snores




I was travelling from Hapur to Varanasi via Kashi Vishwanath Express. It was around 9 pm, I had my headphones on and I was peacefully watching the final season of a web series. The TV show was so interesting that I got disconnected from the world. I finished the final episode at 11 pm and I took my headphones off.


I heard a snoring noise coming from an old man, sleeping on the berth to my right. If this was a gentle heavy breathing type of snore, I would have fallen asleep in no time. But the old man’s snore wasn’t ordinary. It could be measured in decibels and had the power to cause an earthquake due to high fluctuations in noise waves. I was pretty sure that if I say next to this person then I would definitely rapture one of my eardrums before I reach my final destination. Because I am super lazy and I couldn’t be bothered to look for a different berth at the middle of the night, I decided to switch sides.

Now, I was sleeping with my head pointing towards the door. The reduced noise of the old man’s snore gave me a sigh of relief and just when I thought it was over…

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……….. Ahhhharrrrrrrr….. Pheeeeewwwwwwwwwwww  

I heard a whistling snoring sound coming from a man who was sleeping on one of the lower berths. If you have experienced sleeping next to someone who whistles and snores, you know that it is the most irritating snoring sound. If I were to describe the sound of him snoring, I would call it a high pitched screeching sound which can be closely related to a parrot’s whistle but much more irritating. I obviously couldn’t sleep and the best solution that came in my head was to stare that man in anger. I know that’s dumb and illogical but at 1 am in the night with no internet connection and no person to complaint that’s the best solution that crossed my mind. I noticed his lips were fluffing out with each whistling exhale and he was sleeping very peacefully hugging a pillow. This person definitely has a huge contribution in spoiling my sleep but I still can’t do the crime of waking him up, he looked too tired after all.

So I decided to put on my earplugs and sleep while listening to music. Just before I was about to put them on….


A weird snoring sound came from the side berth. I could feel the volume of the snoring sound was increasing with every second that passed by. The passenger sleeping there had put on the curtain and I couldn’t see his/her face but I do remember that this person was sleeping quietly when I switched sides. But now the sound of snore was increasing at a very high pace and in no time the whole compartment was rumbling with his inhales and exhales.      

In no time my earphones realised they don’t have the audacity to stop the raging snores to enter my ears drums and they raised a white flag. I was awake and helpless, so I decided to stop acting lazy and find a way to sleep. I got down from my berth and noticed that there were different types of snoring sounds coming from various compartments, all over the coach. To my surprise, I started relating the snores to a symphony. Each snoring sound was different and unique in its own way- some had a high pitch while some had a strong bass, some entered the stage to perform a small act while some performed the lead roles. Interestingly some of them were even in perfect sync and soon the whole snore team was ready to put up the most unique musical extravagance I could have ever imagined.

Quick Advice: If you find a couple of people snoring melodious and you begin to find a rhythm in it, you need a good night’s sleep because your mind is clearly not functioning properly. Just like my mind wasn’t at the time.

Coming back to the main agenda, MY SLEEP. I decided to change the train compartment and as I exited from the door, I saw a policeman sitting on the attendant’s seat. Curious to fund the reason why he is awake at 3 am, I approached him and asked ‘Can you not sleep too because of the snores?’ The policeman smiled and replied ‘No, I am awake because I miss my daughters.’ One look into his eyes and I could tell that this man would start crying any second now. I sat down next to him and started to confront him. He told me that he hasn’t met his daughters for over a month because of his duties as a policeman. I felt bad for him and thanked him for his service. To lighten up the mood, I told him about my experience of being a part of the symphony of snores. He cracked a smile and after chatting with him for half an hour he offered me to sleep on one of his berths. That’s how my night concluded and I finally got a good sleep.

Hope you found my story interesting! Tell me about your experiences of sleeping next to someone who snores in the comments section 🙂

10 thoughts on “Symphony of Snores

  1. With everything that seems to be building within this particular subject material, many of your points of view happen to be rather stimulating. Nevertheless, I am sorry, because I do not subscribe to your whole theory, all be it stimulating none the less. It appears to us that your opinions are actually not completely justified and in simple fact you are generally your self not really completely confident of the assertion. In any case I did take pleasure in reading it.

    1. Trust me I had this weirdly interesting experience and I was literally out of words to explain my state of mind. Anyways I am happy to know that you liked reading it 🙂

  2. since you said to share an experience of sleeping with someone who snores. I have got the best site to share this. I went to Newcastle, the UK, to meet my boyfriend. since we were so tired, we went to sleep early than usual. i was having a great sleep till i woke up to change my sleeping position and i heard
    i pretended to not hear it until i heard
    it was ridiculous. i somehow managed to sleep. until i woke up again in the morning. The snoring got worse. I got so frustrated, i threw the blanket and walked towards the desk in anger, grabbed my ear phones, plugged them in my phone, played songs and went to sleep. it was really difficult for me but i had to deal with it somehow. trust me, it was a disaster.

    1. Hahahahahahaaa I feel really bad for you. Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope your boyfriend stops snoring and you get a good night’s sleep 🙂

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